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14 Aug 2020

Azure Cosmos DB Tips 01: What is Azure Cosmos DB


Tips 01: What is Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a new Microsoft database global distributed (deployed in multiple data centers) technology upgraded of the Azure DocumentDB it could be category under NoSQL databases, that is designed to provide low latency, elastic scalability of throughput and Azure Cosmos DB also provide super performance for modern Mobile Apps,Web Applications, IoT Applications and Gaming it can be easily scaled out to support large amount of requested per second.

Main features of Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is endlessly adding great new features and rapidly become most forward services in Microsoft Azure here is the main features that Cosmos DB provide also known Cosmos DB pillars for supporting other features.

  1. Partitioning : provide an elastic out of storage.

  2. Replication : provide very fast deliver turnkey global distribution and replicate data between regions data center.

  3. Resource governance : provide most high availability ( 99.99% ) in a single region and ( 99.999% ) in multiple regions.

Cosmos DB Supported Multiple NoSQL Models And APIs

Here is the good news database engine in Cosmos DB supports multiple data models and NoSQL APIs or we can say it is a core platform that include common types NoSQL databases because Cosmos DB uses the (schema agnostic)

  1. Key/value : this is the simplest type of NoSQL database and very fast to store data and retrieve, each key is associated with one value in a collection like a dictionary.

  2. Column, wide-column, or column-family : Store data in this type use columns instead of rows.

  3. Document: Store data in this type as documents that contains many different key and value use JSON,XML and BSON.

  4. Graph: Store data in this type uses edges and nodes to store data.